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From "problems mail" <>
Subject Issues Starting Geronimo
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 05:39:44 GMT

I have been able to successfully start Geronimo after having issues with the
/etc/hosts file.

There are couple of issues or concerns wanted to verify, (is 1.1.1 the right
version to download ??)

=> I still receive errors in the log file, are these ok ? (attaching the log
=> It takes over 213s  (or approx. 4 minutes to start up), and majority of
the time it is waiting at this "Starting geronimo/j2ee-security/1..." => I
cannot even shutdown the server it displays an error or stack dump when I do
a "Ctrl + C" on the shell window running the apache geronimo process.
=> I tried to call the shutdown.jar, it is not able to connect and shutdown
the Geronimo server

Is there any setting that we need to do in the IPTables ?

Are most of the users running Geronimo on Windows ? (looks like they dont
seem to have any issues ??)

Any help greatly appreciated.


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