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From "John Cheng" <>
Subject Updating a jsp in an exploded war
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2006 01:45:47 GMT
There is a previous thread about how to make simple updates to an exploded war,
it was said that the appropriate way is to update the jsp in the config-store.

Is there another way up making jsp updates to an exploded war without reloading
the entire war file?

I want to use Geronimo for development - which means the developer needs to
make updates to the jsp files within a running web application. I currently have
an exploded web application deployed under the
${geronimo-server}/deploy directory.
Updating just one jsp under the exploded web application directory will cause
the entire web application to be uninstalled and reloaded. I really just want
that one jsp to be recompiled without reloading the entire web application. What
is the best way to do that?

- John L Cheng

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