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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Creating a Custom Builder to Preprocess Web Apps
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 19:21:06 GMT

On Dec 13, 2006, at 10:17 AM, Daniel Bloomfield Ramagem wrote:

> I'm very new to Geronimo and I want to make sure I'm on the right  
> track for doing the following: create a custom builder to handle my  
> own module type ".gar" (.e.g., "generic archive").  Now, I want to  
> essentially treat .GAR files like .WAR files, except that I'll be  
> doing some pre-processing to the JSP pages (for instance, upper- 
> casing everything).
> So I'm thinking about creating a ConfigurationBuilder that would  
> integrate with whatever Web Container is installed in Geronimo.  Is  
> this a good approach?  I'm having a hard time understanding what  
> the different methods of the ConfigurationBuilder are supposed to  
> do (even though I have read the Quartz "Advanced Plugin Example"  
> page).
> I initially was thinking of, after doing the preprocessing, using  
> JSR-88 API inside of my ConfigurationBuilder to deploy my GAR as a  
> web application.  But it seems to me that I would probably want to  
> look up some sort of WebBuilder GBean in the kernel to perform the  
> deployment for me.  But what GBean to lookup?

Creating a new config builder may be a lot of work if you basically  
have a war file, and you would have to decide between jetty and  
tomcat.  You'd be better off making another (web) module builder that  
would fit into the ear config builder, since you could copy or  
subclass the jetty or tomcat builders.

However, I wonder if this is necessarily the best approach.  For  
instance, would it make sense to preprocess the jsp pages during your  
application build or packaging?  What other extensions or differences  
to wars do you have?  Some other parts of the builder framework are a  
lot more pluggable and you might be able to get what you need more  

david jencks

> Thanks
> Daniel.

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