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From "Daniel Bloomfield Ramagem" <>
Subject Specifying SNAPSHOT Versions of Modules
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 22:58:03 GMT
I've got a Module A that depends on version 1.0 of Module B.  Module B is in
version 1.0 and has been deployed to the server.  Everything works fine (A
deploys fine).  But then I make a change to B and want to *keep* the
1.0version number.  I redeploy B to the server but then A is stopped
by the
deployment process. I must now manually start A back up.

I tried using the Maven SNAPSHOT tag in the "version" tag in both the
deployment plans of A and B:

Module A:

Module B:

This made no difference.  Redeploying B stops A, which needs to be manually
started again.

Any hints on how I could get A to restart automatically when the same
version (or a development version) of a dependent module is being updated?



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