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From "Daniel Bloomfield Ramagem" <>
Subject Creating a Custom Builder to Preprocess Web Apps
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 18:17:38 GMT
I'm very new to Geronimo and I want to make sure I'm on the right track for
doing the following: create a custom builder to handle my own module type
".gar" (.e.g., "generic archive").  Now, I want to essentially treat .GAR
files like .WAR files, except that I'll be doing some pre-processing to the
JSP pages (for instance, upper-casing everything).

So I'm thinking about creating a ConfigurationBuilder that would integrate
with whatever Web Container is installed in Geronimo.  Is this a good
approach?  I'm having a hard time understanding what the different methods
of the ConfigurationBuilder are supposed to do (even though I have read the
Quartz "Advanced Plugin Example" page).

I initially was thinking of, after doing the preprocessing, using JSR-88 API
inside of my ConfigurationBuilder to deploy my GAR as a web application.
But it seems to me that I would probably want to look up some sort of
WebBuilder GBean in the kernel to perform the deployment for me.  But what
GBean to lookup?



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