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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: Wow...2006 is almost gone
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 18:13:16 GMT
Wow Matt, great compilation. I almost forgot all we did this year.
Just to add to the list I would say that we also did a very much needed Web site "Face Lift".

Congratulations and Happy *ANY to everyone !!!
(those who ever worked with AS/400 know what I mean with *ANY ;-)  )


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> I'm cleaning up my hard drive and getting the end of the year stuff done 
> before I take some vacation time and it occurred to me how much we've 
> accomplished this year.  Not only in Geronimo proper but also in related 
> projects like OpenEJB.  I'm sure I'll miss some items so when I do 
> please chime in so they don't get forgotten.
> Here are the highlights off the top of my head:
> Released 5 Versions of Geronimo in a single year:
> 1.0 - January
> 1.1 - June
> 1.1.1 - September
> For those that count poultry still in the shell:
> 1.2-beta - December
> 2.0-M1 - December
> That is a really significant accomplishment and I'm really honored to 
> work with y'all to make this happen.  This is not an insignificant 
> amount of work by any stretch of the imagination.  We're even now in the 
> realm of delivering a Java EE 5.0 release within the SAME year as the 
> other projects and commercial vendors (and we'll beat some of them 
> too).  This is awesome news.
> We've improved our documentation, we've seen the community grow with 
> interested outside folks like LifeRay, Terracotta and slews of new users 
> and some interested developers.  The committer list has grown by several 
> people and the PMC has some new members as well.  Overall our community 
> is stronger at the end of 2006 than it was at the beginning which is an 
> excellent thing.
> OpenEJB and ActiveMQ joined Apache and are in Incubator and moving 
> towards their own destinies as TLPs at Apache as well.  XBean has grown 
> in its use in other projects and Geronimo has a much better integration 
> with Eclipse than we did previously (its nice to see the GLogo in the 
> server list).  DayTrader has included support for JPA and was used as 
> the performance basis in our first Performance Report.
> We've also moved from Maven 1 to Maven 2 for our build environment, a 
> feat that still boggles my mind.  With the new plugins used to build and 
> take care of PITA issues like legal stuff every release gets easier.  
> Testing is also improving with some neat tests for the console to detect 
> breakage earlier.
> We're almost there of JDK independence with the inclusion of Yoko.  
> Another very significant move for Geronimo and OpenEJB.
> We've innovated with the plugins and including dojo in a way that makes 
> application development easier.
> Looking back over the last year we've come a long way.  Everyone of you 
> should be proud to be a part of this team in that together we are 
> creating software that has significance in the world and you all made it 
> happen.
> For now I offer you a Merry Christmas, Happy Quanza, Happy Hanukkah, 
> Feliz Navidad, Happy Holidays, Winter Solstice or whatever your favorite 
> season greeting is.  One of our greatest strengths is our diversity and 
> ability to appreciate each others differences as the glue that brings us 
> together and makes us a strong whole.  We're wrapping up the old and 
> pressing on to the new.  Let the adventure continue :)
> Cheers
> Matt Hogstrom

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