I’ve tried to replace the RMI-naming default port 1099 with another value in Geronimo-1.2-r470164. I’ve changed config.xml:


<module name="org.apache.geronimo.configs/rmi-naming/1.2-SNAPSHOT/car">

    <gbean name="RMIRegistry">

        <attribute name="port">1399</attribute>


    <gbean name="NamingProperties">

        <attribute name="namingProviderUrl">rmi://</attribute>



    <gbean name="JMXService">

        <attribute name="protocol">rmi</attribute>

        <attribute name="host"></attribute>

        <attribute name="port">9999</attribute>

        <attribute name="urlPath">/jndi/rmi://</attribute>



Geronimo has started successfully with the port 1399. But when I’ve tried to launch another application on port 1099 I‘ve got the error log ‘Port already in use: 1099’.

So two ports are in use after Geronimo launching (1099 and 1399). How can I change the default value of RMI-Naming port entirely?



Nellya Udovichenko.