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From "Michael Moser" <>
Subject how to force axis2 library to send out all pending requests?
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 13:31:11 GMT
I just ran into some problem with fireAndForget(...)-requests. These 
obviously get buffered inside AxisEngine. Thus, if the application 
terminates immediately after posting the last request(s) these request 
get never sent.

I stumbled over this, when experimenting with a command line code 
snippet that uses the axis2 library to generate and send out SOAP 
request. I first couldn't understand why these requests had no effect. 
After some digging I found out that these request were never received. 
After some further digging I realized they weren't even sent out, 
either. And after even more digging I finally realized, what was going 
wrong here...

Is there some shutdown method or such in that library? I searched but 
found nothing so far...


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