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From "Michael Moser" <>
Subject AXIS2 newbie question: how to unload a deployed .aar file?
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 16:07:18 GMT
There's something rather fundamental missing in the AXIS2 description: 
how does one remove/undeploy an .aar file? The admin page doesn't offer 
any unload or remove link. There is an "inactivate service" link (btw: 
shouldn't that be "deactivate ..."?), but that apparently only kind of 
"freezes" the service (until one activates it again), but doesn't remove 

How do I get rid of a service, such that it's gone and/or such that I 
can deploy a new version of the same?

I have changed my .aar file after first deployment and I have "uploaded" 
it again using the admin page (and the page told me "successful") but 
when I send a request I get an error that obviously still stems from the 
old version (I can definitely tell so, because some package names 
changed and the stack trace still shows the old names).

I must have missed something pretty trivial here, I suppose...


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