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From Chris Hall <>
Subject Clustering and Database Access
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2006 15:09:48 GMT

I've been playing with a Geronimo cluster recently and it's gone rather 
well thus far.  Load balancing, session replication, and sticky sessions 
are all working... but database access has me stumped.

I'm running into the following error when I attempt to deploy to the 

xml problem for web app .
Caused by: org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: Invalid deployment 
descriptor: [error: cvc-complex-type.2.4a: Expected elements 
gbean@' instead of 
'cluster@' here]

The WAR works correctly on this server when the clustering GBeans aren't 
included in the deployment plan, so I know the application and the 
database pool are correct.  The Geronimo sample applications deploy 
correctly to the cluster and I can see session replication and sticky 
sessions in action, so I know that the cluster is configured correctly.

The problem is in my deployment plan, and the error message confirms 
this.  However, it's virtually identical to the plan used by the sample 
applications (which work on the cluster).  The only difference is the 
inclusion of a <resource-ref/> element to map the DB pool to a JNDI 
resource (the same element that works without clustering).  Pulling the 
<resource-ref/> element out of the deployment plan and the web.xml 
allows the application to deploy... though without DB access.

Has anyone configured a cluster with database access?  Am I going about 
this in the right way, or am I completely off-base?

I can provide the geronimo-web.xml and web.xml if they will help.



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