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From "David Carew" <>
Subject Oracle datasource in standalone plan
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 16:35:26 GMT
I'm using WASCE 1.1 and I've noticed that the Daytrader Oracle sample uses a
single application level plan. How do I break out the DataSource into a
separate plan ? The DataSource portion of the DayTrader plan  for Oracle
looks like this:

    <connector xmlns="">

How do I duplicate the <external-path> bit in a standalone plan just for the
DataSource. I tried using a <connector xmlns:" ...  as the top level element
and then pointing to the Oracle specific connector when deploying like this:

    deploy deploy myplan.xml \tranql\tranql-connector-oracle-xa\.....

but it complains about invalid attributes. If I use the standard TranQl
connector like this:

  deploy deploy myplan.xml \tranql\tranql-connector\.....

it works but the info in the original Daytrader plan that references the
Oracle specific connector isn't being provided anywhere.

How do I define an Oracle datasource referencing the Oracle connector as a
standalone plan ? TIA


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