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From Christian K├Âlle <>
Subject newbie: Getting a quick MBean+.sar-file replacement with Maven2
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 02:14:34 GMT

Thanks for Geronimo. I installed it yesterday. Initially I wanted to use
JBoss, but I decided to use Geronimo, as it comes along with ActiveMQ which
I use. Probably I am still a newbie to J2EE-Servers.

What I want to do:
I want deploy a  packaged java application to Geronimo, which has
- nothing to do with EJB
- nothing to do with JSP/Servlets.
The application is already finished, a pojo-application, but it's
bootstrapped by a main()-method. It's a server. During startup in Geronimo,
I additionally plan to bind something to JNDI, like done here (1). 

What I would need now, is a quick advice, how to get this main-method start-
and stop-able in Geronimo. I managed to get this done in JBoss with an 
+ MBean 
+ .sar-file. 
So here we have GBeans and certain packaging-names. 

My application is part of a maven-2-multimodule-project which offers various
packaging methods. My idea is now to use a 
+ war-file 
+ GBean-code 
+ Geronimo desciptor
+ my application code 

I tend to use a war-file, because my IDE allows to output an exploded war
file directly into Geronimo-deploy-folder. This almost works nice on the fly
for JSFaces-Servlet-alike-applications with Geronimo + Tomcat. 

There also is the possibility to use the maven-ear-plugin which allows     
    * ejb
    * war
    * jar
    * ejb-client
    * rar
    * ejb3
    * par
    * sar
    * wsr
    * har

In order to prevent days of trial and error, I thought I would ask, what you
think of this. Escpecially if you are maven2 familiar, I would appreaciate
all tips, best practices, etc. What is the most efficient way for newbies. 

Regards and thanks in advance !


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