After speaking with the developer of the DAO code I need to refine my query, sorry for the confusion.

Our code doesn’t currently access the Geronimo database pool that we have created. So

every time my web service is called I call the DAO code to get information from the Database

and it makes a new connection. The real question is how to get my Axis

web service to connect to the database pool that I have created in Geronimo? Should I use

JDBC or JNDI? I have been looking at implementing JNDI but it seems like overkill.

 Do I need to update my web.xml files as well as my Java implementation?

What are the Java calls to get access to the Pool?




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On Oct 18, 2006, at 10:07 AM, Donahue, Bill wrote:

from a database pool in Geronimo v.1.1.1. Every time I access a POJO

Is there a more efficient way

need within Geronimo?


Are you actually experiencing performance problems or are you speculating based on a theory that datasource.getConnection() is creating a new oracle connection?  Have you profiled and shown that multi-thread contention in the geronimo pooling code is actually slowing down your application?  If so I'd be very interested in knowing where the bottleneck is.



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