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From Mattias Malmgren <>
Subject J2EE EJB design question
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 10:37:13 GMT

Perhaps out of topic, but anyway, this is my question:

As far as I can understatnd, an enity EJB can not have business methods, 
just getter/setter methods for the, in the database underlaying fileds in a 
table, along with the methods in the EntityBean interface.

Say I have an Employee object like this:

class Employee {
	int id;
	String name;
	double salary;
	void changeSalary(double percentage) {
		salary = salary + (salary * (precentage / 100));
	void save() {

Using EJB what do I do? In an enity EJB I can't have the changeSalary 
method? If I have it as a Session Bean, I can't have presistance and save 
the objects data? What is the design soulotion?

Best regards // Mattias 

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