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From "Manu George" <>
Subject Re: problems when refering same local EJB in different dependent EARs
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 12:12:09 GMT
Hi Vimalan,
                This is because of the ClassLoader will always try to
load a class from the highest parent classloader. This means first the
ejb class is looked up in the parent classloader ie first EAR.
You can use the hidden-classes tag to hide classes in the parent class
loader. Its usage can be got from Aarons book.


On 10/4/06, Arunanthisivam Vimalathithen <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running into some problems in the following scenario. I am deploying
> two different EARs in which among other EJBs there is the same local EJB
> (same class). Only the JNDI name of this local EJB differs in these EARs. I
> am able to refer to the correct local EJB in the second EAR by using ejb-ref
> and the JNDI name in other application servers (namely WebSphere) and this
> works fine.
> But the problem in Geronimo is that I have to make the second EAR dependant
> on the first EAR as the second EAR is dependent on some artifacts in the
> first EAR. Now whenever I try to refer to the local EJB in the second EAR,
> the EJB that gets looked up is the local EJB from the first EAR. Even when I
> have changed the ejbname of the local EJB in the second EAR and reflected
> that change in the ejb-link, the EJB that keeps getting looked up is the EJB
> from the first EAR.
> This causes some serious problems in the application as some initializations
> are going on in the child EAR that is not refletected in the EJB from the
> parent EAR that is getting called. Is there any way around this?
> I have attached a sample scenario with this, the local EJB only differs in
> the attached EARs slightly to display different messages to illustrate this
> scenario.
> This was tested in Geronimo 1.0 and 1.1.1.
> Thanks and regards,
> Vimalan

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