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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re: geronimo-web.xml for openlaszlo
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 17:27:28 GMT
I reinstalled openlaszlo using the plan you provided.  When I tried to
access the explorer via HTTP I got an out of memory error.  So I
increased available memory (-Xmx1024m), restarted the server, and was
able to access the explorer via HTTP.

Next I tried to access the explorer via HTTPS and there were no error
messages but the UI would not progress past the hourglass.  I didn't
see anything suspicious in the server logs so I searched Laszlo's
support forums for HTTPS and found this post:

>From reading that thread it looks to me like laszlo is attempting to
make reentrant HTTPS connections which fail because the server
certificate is not trusted.  It seems you can work around this by
either importing a trusted certificate or adding the server's
certificate to your JVM's truststore.  There are instructions in the
forum post referenced above.

Best wishes,

On 10/7/06, M√ľnch Uwe <> wrote:
> Hi Aaron,
> okay! SSL is still running, but not the laszlo explorer on ssl (https). So I
> need the crossdomain.xml or any other and if, where must this placed?
> http -->
> https -->
> Best regards, Uwe

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