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From sreepriya ramakrishnan <>
Subject geronimo and javamail ( decoding problems)
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 00:12:16 GMT

Hi all ,

I added geronimo-javamail_1.3.1_spec-1.0.jar into the
classpath and compiled a standalone java class with
the following code. All I am trying here is to convert
a base 64 version of a string using the MimeUtility
class provided by javamail(in this case the jar
specified holds this class).

I find that the same value is returned instead of the
the decoded value. I tried placing the javamails 1.3.1
version of jar file and it converted properly.

This is a test program taht I have written before I
add it to a class that will run in Geronimo.

Please let me know as to what I am doing wrong here or
if there is somethign wrong with javamail provided by


String userpassEncoded = "dXNlcjE6c3lzdGVt";
ByteArrayInputStream stringBufferstrema = new
		InputStream is =

InputStream theDecodedStream =
            String theText = "";
            int theByte;
            while ((theByte =
!= -1)
                theText += (char)theByte;


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