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From Brian Millett <>
Subject Re: geronimo 1.1.1 lite
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2006 13:37:19 GMT
On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 16:11 -0400, Aaron Mulder wrote:
> You can use the command-line deploy tool to add new features to the
> minimal installation ("Little G").  We've been a little delinquent in
> setting up the metadata files that describe each incremental upgrade
> that should be available, so your help would be appreciated in helping
> us establish exactly what kind of upgrades you'd like to see.
>  - We can offer the hot deploy service as an add-on, which will add
> the deploy/ directory so you don't have to use the command-line deploy
> tool
>  - We can let you add things like JMS or EJB individually
>  - We can't get the console working in Little G 1.x due to limitations
> in our Pluto integration, but we're hoping to have a modular console
> in Geronimo 1.2 that will let you install only the console screens for
> the features you have installed
> Right now, if you want to change e.g. the web ports used by Tomcat in
> Little G out of the box, you should edit var/config/config.xml while
> the server is not running, and then the settings will take effect next
> time the server starts.

Ok, I guess the first item that might help is what is the default
location for deployed webapps?  I guess I could deploy, say the
jsp-examples, and look to see where it is located, but for the little-g
that could be documented somewhere.

The reason I am asking these questions is that I have a client who has a
large tomcat installation.  They've realized that they need several of
the tools/capabilities that an app server will give them.  They are
looking at jboss, websphere and geronimo.  They do not want all of the
baggage that goes with a full blown app server.  They just do not need
it.  When I heard of little-g at apachecon, I thought "this is perfect!"
So I'm thinking how I can go back and show them how to use little-g in a
nice grow as you need it environment.  Right now I see that they need to
redeploy all 200+ war files by hand and then do a lot of testing to make
sure nothing got changed.  I was hoping that they could take the
existing appBase for tomcat and just drop it into (or replace) the
default appBase of geronimo/tomcat and go for it.  But I do not find
where anything like an appBase is defined.

I'll be the first to say that I need to study what the differences
between standalone tomcat and geronimo/tomcat are and how to migrate
from one to the other.

You did a very nice job on your presentation about plugins at apachecon.

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