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From Brian Millett <>
Subject geronimo 1.1.1 lite
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2006 18:54:00 GMT
I've downloaded and installed the geronimo-tomcat-minimal-1.1.1.  Ran
the bin/ and I have a nice working geronimo, or so it seems.
Looks like all of the documentations on how to get started are about the
full version.  So I have a few questions:

1) There is no deploy directory, so to deploy do I need to run the
command line with a war file?
2) What if I already have a nice working webapps dir from tomcat 5.5.17.
Can I just drop that in someplace and have it served up?
3) Console??  We don't need no stinking console!!  But it would be
really nice to have a console to add what ever piece is missing.  I
thought that that was the purpose of the "little-g" was to start light,
then add as you go.
4) Should I be able to configure tomcat?  All I see is
var/catalina/conf/web.xml, no server.xml??  I guess that will be the
geronimo xml files, but all I see is:
[bpm]$ find . | egrep \.xml$

and the var/config/config.xml states
<!-- ======================================================== -->
<!-- Warning - This XML file is re-generated by Geronimo when -->
<!-- changes are made to Geronimo's configuration, therefore  -->
<!-- any comments added to this file will be lost.            -->
<!-- Do not edit this file while Geronimo is running.         -->
<!-- ======================================================== -->

but there is no way to configure geronimo while it is running.

Sorry, but as you can see I am very confused.  Any help would be

Brian Millett - [ Sheridan and Maynard, "A Distant Star"]
"The adventure is out there, Jack. Man has to go meet it." 'Well,
sometimes it comes to you. Wait for it Johnny.'

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