Yes, I have done all this (parent ear being deployed and started, indicated as parent through the parent ID, etc) and experimented with the EJb syntax as well, but all of that does not seem to be working.
- Vimalan

On 9/5/06, Kanchana Welagedara <kanchanas@gmail.com> wrote:
If  you want to set EAR  "one" to be a parent of (G 1.0) or dependency of (G 1.1)
EAR "two".  That should ensure that EAR " one" is started first and that the
EJB classes in EAR " one" are exposed to the components running in EAR " two".
  So the first step is to configure the parent or dependency to
make sure the classes are there, did u do more experimentation to get the EJB reference syntax right.

On 9/5/06, Lasantha Ranaweera < lasantha@opensource.lk > wrote:
Hi Vimalan,

This is a problem in the Geronimo 1.1 version. According to the community it did work for Geronimo 1.0 and not with 1.1. They are hoping to fix this issue in v 1.1.1 . If I am wrong hope somebody in community will correct me.

I haven't come across version as you mentioned in Geronimo. Can you please explain how did you get this version of Geronimo ?

Lasantha Ranaweera

Arunanthisivam Vimalathithen wrote:
Hi Lasantha,
Many thanks for your feedback on the MDB problem. I hope you can provide me insight to another problem I am facing. I need to get a reference to a remote EJB deployed in one EAR from another EJB deployed in another EAR. I have tried adding a target-name tag in the ejb-ref tag in the openejb-jar.xml and refered to the GBean to identify the EJB but that also fails. However deployment proceeds properly if I pakage the jar containing the EJB in the same EAR. I am using geronimo .
Thanks and regards,