I have  a couple of questions about ActiveMQ

1. If ActiveMQ is set up to run in a standalone configuration, can Geronimo still be configured to have some of its components interoperate with it? For instance could  a servlet running in Geronimo have JMS code that sends or listens for a message to/from an ActiveMQ Queue that is managed by an instance of ActiveMQ located outside of Geronimo?

2. I heard that the version of ActiveMQ in Geronimo has less capability than a standalone version of ActiveMQ. Does the embedded version lack features that are supported by 64bit capability?

3. Finally if the answer is "yes"  to #2 would the JMS code in the servlet running on Geronimo be able to take advantage of a 64 bit capability available in the standalone ActiveMQ instance that would otherwise not be available in a Geronimo embedded ActiveMQ instance?

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