The "server" plugin and the "adapter (wtp plugin)" are in 2 different features and the adapter feature does not require the server plugin.  The Geronimo server runtime wizard provides a mechanism to download the full server from within the wizard if you do not already have a local copy installed.  

As far as the "Could not download and install update feature" in your logs, its likely due to a bad mirror and choosing a different mirror location should resolve the problem".

On Sep 5, 2006, at 1:16 AM, D. Strauss wrote:

Hello, Raj

1.) Of course, you should NOT download the whole server again :) As far
as I know the update manager should give you 2 items: the WTP plugin and
the server. As long as you have a running Geronimo installation, forget
about downloading the server :P Do you see the Eclipse WTP plugin?

2.) I had the same problem that this "Click here" didn't work :/
however, downloading the plugin itself and storing it into an eclipse
plugin dir saved me from downloading this file again and again. And I
had my "Apache Geronimo 1.1" server runtime in eclipse.

Let us know whether you have the WTP item in your update manager or not.

Best regards


Raj Saini schrieb:
Hi Dirk,

I managed to install the plugin from a mirror and it is a not a problem.
Problems are:

1. When I try to install the Geronimo plugin while adding the server and
clicking on the link "Don't see your server listed? Click here" does not

2. When install the plugin from a mirror through update manager, it
downloads the  complete Geronimo distribution of more then 35mb. Why do
I need to download complete Geronimo distribution while i just need the
eclipse plugin?



*/"D. Strauss" <>/* wrote:

    Hello, Raj

    AFAIK you need to grab the feature from a mirror. At least I didn't
    encounter any problems doing so :/

    Best regards


    Raj Saini schrieb:

I have been trying to install the Geronimo Eclipse WTP plugin in
3.2. Clicking on "Don't see your server listed? Click here" link,
the install process but fails after the license notice (when it
    tries to
download the actually jar files).

Looking at the logs, I found tht update site does not have features.
However, when I tried to install the plugin through update manages, it
started downloading the complete geronimo server (size around 35 MB).

Eclipse log stack trace:

Eclipse log stack trace is appended below.

!ENTRY org.eclipse.update.core 4 0 2006-09-01 15:12:48.558
!MESSAGE Featureorg.apache.geronimo.feature
org.apache.geronimo.featurecannot be found
or a newer version is already installed.

!ENTRY org.eclipse.wst.server.core 4 0 2006-09-01 15:12:48.558
!MESSAGE Error occurred installing server: Could not download and
install update feature.
org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Could not download and install
update feature.


!SUBENTRY 1 org.eclipse.wst.server.core 4 0 2006-09-01 15:12:48.574
!MESSAGE Could not download and install update feature.


Raj Saini