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I have  a couple of questions about ActiveMQ

1. If ActiveMQ is set up to run in a standalone configuration, can Geronimo still be configured to have some of its components interoperate with it? For instance could  a servlet running in Geronimo have JMS code that sends or listens for a message to/from an ActiveMQ Queue that is managed by an instance of ActiveMQ located outside of Geronimo?

yes, in all versions of geronimo.  You need to deploy only the activemq rar in geronimo, and configure it to talk to the remote amq instance (IIRC the config is in the "resource-adapter" section)

2. I heard that the version of ActiveMQ in Geronimo has less capability than a standalone version of ActiveMQ. Does the embedded version lack features that are supported by 64bit capability?

In released versions (up to 1.1.1) we're shipping an antiquated 3.2 (?) activemq that has a lot less configuration options than even 3.2 standaone.  In trunk (1.2) (definitely unreleased) we recently upgraded to AMQ 4.0.1 (I think) and you can configure an embedded broker using either gbeans (with IIUC some limitations on what you can configure) or a reference to a spring or xbean config file (in which case you get all configuration options).

3. Finally if the answer is "yes"  to #2 would the JMS code in the servlet running on Geronimo be able to take advantage of a 64 bit capability available in the standalone ActiveMQ instance that would otherwise not be available in a Geronimo embedded ActiveMQ instance?

I would guess so.  I'm not familiar with these options.  If they are available only in amq 4.x then you might need to deploy the amq 4.x rar in geronimo instead of the amq 3.x rar that we use for the built in connection factory, example queues, etc.

Hope this helps
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