On Sep 23, 2006, at 3:05 PM, Rik wrote:

Hello All,

Iíve been quite impressed with certain features of Geronimo, notably the pleasant, simple admin console and the speed of installing and restarting applications. However I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to configure the version of Tomcat embedded in the release.

Thanks for the complement!

It might not be easy to change the tomcat version.† Knowing which geronimo release you are working with would be helpful in thinking about what you might do.† Out of curiousity why do you want to change the tomcat version?

I have been trying to configure tomcat valves; the JDBCAccessLogValve and RemoteAddrValve. I found some examples on the IBM website and in the geronimo documentation, but couldnít get them to work.

This should definitely work without changing which tomcat you are using.† Did you get errors or just no effect?† Showing what you did to install them and the results would be helpful.

david jencks

Embarrassingly Iíve not been successful trying to compile the sources from the trunk either, which keeps compaining about missing resources. Iím pretty sure Iíve followed the directions in the documentation.

Is there someone who has the time to walk this newbie through the configuration and building process?