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From Mattias Malmgren <>
Subject Very small CMP EJB example (hope has returned)
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2006 08:32:34 GMT

This is a very small CMP EJB example:

Jacek, and many other very helpful persons on this list who over the past 
two weeks have been following my struggle as a beginner EJB and geronimo 
user can finaly breathe out. No more messages from me with the subject of 
"Hopeless, I am about to give up". Perhaps other beginners will have a 
little help from this two examples also.

I have been sugested to put this two examples on the geronimo cwiki. In my 
examples I try to explain things, but there are a still some things that 
are not clear to me. Maybe one of you experts out there would like to go 
through the examples and strait out some questions marks that I made in the 
text. In that case, send an e-mail to me  ( )  and I 
will put your explanation in the text before (or after for that matter) I 
put it on the cwiki. But perhaps it is better to do the other way around? I 
put it on the cwiki first and you make changes directly on the cwiki text?

Best regards // Mattias Malmgren

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