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From Mattias Malmgren <>
Subject Re: Hopeless
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 12:47:15 GMT
Hi again,

Sorry for last post, I accidently hit ctrl-e trying to write E and that 
sends emails in Eudora, the mail client I am using.

Basically, I cant get the deploymentdescriptors right. At least that is 
what I think is wrong. If you deploy my EJB.jar only, it deplys fine, but 
when I add the war to the EAR deployment fails with a 
java.lang.NullPointerException at  java.util.Hashtable.put(

My application compiles just fine. I am sure this error is caused by errors 
in the deployment descriptors.

I'll stop whineing for a while now and give it a new try. This time I will 
try using the build in derby database first instead of mysql and see if 
that helps. I'll be back...

// Mattias

At 13:01 2006-09-28, you wrote:
>Hi Mattias,
>You may want to look at the source code of the DayTrader application
>as it uses some CMP ( 
>daytrader/trunk/). As this application is rather large, you may also
>want to have a look at these isolated CMP examples: ejb-jar.xml and
>openejb-jar.xml -; and CMP sources - http:// 
>Also, what are the issues that you are facing?
>On 28/09/2006, at 8:21 PM, Mattias Malmgren wrote:
>>Yes, momst of my work is based on
>>So far I have bean abel to get a sessionbean working, but CMP EJB
>>seams to be more difficult.
>>Lets make a super simple example using a phone-book as an example.
>>A table like this:
>>create table phonebook (name varchar(15), number varchar(15));
>>insert into  phonebook values ('Mattias', '1234');
>>insert into phonebook values ('Jacek','5678');
>>Now lets make a CMP EJB and a JSP page calling the EJB from where
>>you can search for names and get numbers back.
>>If I hade a working example of that, including ejb-jar.xml openejb- 
>>jar.xml, geronimo-application.xml and mysql-pool.xml or what ever
>>other xml-files needed, I think I could make the rest of my way and
>>go on buld the applications that I realy whant to do.
>>At 12:08 2006-09-28, you wrote:
>>>On 9/28/06, Mattias Malmgren <> wrote:
>>>>Please help! Post som small working examples of CMP EJB!
>>>I don't have it atm, but would like to prepare something exciting for
>>>the coming JAOO conference in Aarhus in Denmark
>>>( and your idea seem to be very
>>>appealing. Could you describe what you're looking for? What EAR would
>>>be of interest to you? What configuration would be of help to you?
>>>By the way, have you taken a look at
>>>Jacek Laskowski

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