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From Mattias Malmgren <>
Subject Re: Minimalistic example
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 14:52:24 GMT

I have tryed your example now. I managed to get example 1 and 2 working, 
even though numer 2 was very difficult. I had errors like
 > java org.geronimo.ejbsample.client.HelloWorld
javax.naming.NamingException: Cannot lookup 
/org.geronimo.ejbsample.HomeBean [Root exception is 
java.rmi.RemoteException: Error reading response from server (OEJP/2.0) : 
org/apache/geronimo/kernel/ClassLoading; nested exception is:

I have no idea about in which JAR-file I would fins this class and what I 
should put in my classpath. Finaly I put evrything that I found in your fil 
.classpath in my CLASSPATH env-variable. I made it work!

Now to my question, look at this:

//Lookup the bean using it's deployment id
     Object obj = ctx.lookup("org.geronimo.ejbsample.HomeBean");

What exactly is the deployment id?! In which xml-file and in what xml-tag 
is that specifyed? Is it the openejb-jar.xml file in the tag jndi-name?? 
Like this:


What about java:comp/env/ejb that I have seen in so many other examples?

// Mattias

At 10:39 2006-09-13, you wrote:
>This content is still under development.But It includes some HelloWorld 
>samples..Would you like to try?
>On 9/12/06, Mattias Malmgren 
><<>> wrote:
>I have coded Java for 10 years, I know who to write Servlets and so on. Now
>I would like to write som EJBs and depoy them on geronimo. I can compile my
>EJBs, but the hard task is to make a ear-file and deploy.  I have looked at
>the Bank-exemaple in the documentation, but it is to compex. Is there a
>more minimalistic example?
>Best regards / Mattias

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