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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Re: Very small CMP EJB example (hope has returned)
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2006 20:27:33 GMT
On 9/30/06, Mattias Malmgren <> wrote:

> This is a very small CMP EJB example:

Very small yet very informative. There're a couple of things I
personally would change, but can't (it's not a wiki).

> Jacek, and many other very helpful persons on this list who over the past
> two weeks have been following my struggle as a beginner EJB and geronimo
> user can finaly breathe out. No more messages from me with the subject of
> "Hopeless, I am about to give up". Perhaps other beginners will have a
> little help from this two examples also.

I'm glad you've already sorted it out! I wish I could've helped you
better, but it seems you did a great job figuring it out yourself and
what's more important - writing it down for others. Very impresive
stuff to look at when in trouble.

Just to add it - never ever use a subject like this - it's because
noone would care to look at it thinking it's a spam (nota bene, spams
are sent with a better subjects, imho ;-)). It's a general rule to
keep in mind on any mailing list out there.

> I put it on the cwiki first and you make changes directly on the cwiki text?

Yes, please do it. I'll be the first to make some changes. Keep them coming!


Jacek Laskowski

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