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Hi all,

i'm trying to embed XBean in an existing system, which classloader doesn't
return sensible values when calling

Do you mean xbean class loaders, or your system classloaders ?

  cl.getImplementationVersion();  or

Do you mean  java.lang.Package.getImplementationVersion () ?


#1 results in a NPE thrown by Spring, when calling

I guess you have problems when using xbean application context, which now call
which uses SpringVersion.getVersion, right ?

#2 results in XBean not finding the property files, which contain the custom

As I can't change the classloader easily, I have created a simple solution
which lets XBean read a system property *after* everything else has failed.
The system property points to a directory, where XBean can load the property
files plus an additional xbean.properties file, which contains a property

What do you think about this solution?  Should I open an issue for that and
attach my patch?

Yes, please. 

Thanks for feedback,

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