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From "Scott Anderson" <>
Subject Re: adding support for sharedlib to tomcat module
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 03:05:15 GMT
Nevermind. Turns out another conflict triggered the class loader issue. The
sharedlib feature is working as +is+ included in the tomcat
deployment plan.


On 8/15/06, Scott Anderson <> wrote:
> I have encountered the same problem as Sunil did in my attempts to
> integrate the Apache Pluto 1.1 jars into Geronimo ...
> Unfortunately, the response provided to Sunil does not seem to provide a
> complete solution to the problem. It appears that the class loaders being
> used by the Tomcat module do not include the Pluto 1.1 jars from the
> sharedlib directory. This makes sense because the Tomcat module does not
> appear to be including the sharedlib dependency in its deployment plan.
> How would I go about adding this dependency to Tomcat? I don't have a lot
> of maven experience and from searching/looking at the configuration files it
> seems like I should be adding the dependency to either
> 'modules/tomcat/project.xml' or 'assemblies/j2ee-tomcat-server/project.xml'
> and then rebuilding Geronimo? Alternately, I could explicitly add
> dependencies for the pluto jars to the tomcat deployment plan instead of
> using the sharedlib dependency but that would require that those jars be in
> the repository at the time the tomcat module is built. This would seem to
> require a more substantial change to the Geronimo build scripts which is
> something I would like to avoid.
> Am I on the right track?
> Scott

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