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From "Four Sticks" <>
Subject Re: NameNotFoundException with EJB created with Eclipse Geronimo plugin
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 17:54:12 GMT
Hi Aaron,

Thank you!  I was able to get it working with your help.  In looking
at the code generated for the EJB, I noticed three things were wrong:

1) The TigerUtil class generated by WebTools was not looking the EJB
up correctly.

2) The TigerLocal interface generated by the WebTools did not have the
method declared in it that I added to the TigerBean during the

3) Web.xml did not have the EJB reference that you mentioned.

Number 3 may be due to the fact that I'm unfamiliar with the Eclipse
WebTools for EJB's and the Geronimo plugin. Things have changed a lot
since the tutorial was published, and my guess is there may be a step
in creating an EJB that I missed.

Numbers 2 and 1 are just plain wrong.  Both of the generated files
have a comment stating that they are XDoclet generated code and should
be not be editted.  But if I edit these files to fix the EJB look-up
in TigerUtil to match what you posted, and to add the missing method
definition to the TigerLocal interface, I can get the tutorial example
to work.  I have to be careful to only re-compile the fixed code. (If
I re-build everything, unfortunately, then the files get regenerated
and and the fixes over-written the incorrect code and wiped out.)

I'm not sure if I bumped my head into a bug in Eclipse WebTools 1.5 or
the Geronimo plugin.  My guess is that it's a problem in WebTools.  I
spent a Sunday trying to figure this out, so your response was a great
help in understanding what WebTools and the Geronimo plugin were

Thanks again for your help,

On 8/6/06, Aaron Mulder <> wrote:
> All right, this is just scratching the surface, but...

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