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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: openJMS integration
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 15:52:11 GMT
On 8/4/06, Philipp Noggler <> wrote:
> ok, thanks fpr this advice...there is a http connector from openJMS,
> but i don't kwno if this will work! do you think this will work?

OK, so I looked through their page, and I don't think they really
offer what we want.  Their "connectors" are really just protocols that
clients can use to access the server (not "J2EE Connectors").  In the
"admin guide" they talk about configuring the server, whereas in the
"user guide" they talk about configuring clients using those

All their client examples use JNDI to look up the JMS resources.
That's a little unfortunate in that I don't think we can do
transaction integration with a general JMS resource we look up in
JNDI.  I had hoped they'd offer a J2EE Connector like ActiveMQ does,
but it doesn't look like it.

So I guess there are several ways you could proceed.

One would be to forget about mapping this into your application's
java:comp/env/ JNDI space, and just have your application use the
OpenJMS client code (from ther user guide) to do a JNDI lookup that
hits the OpenJMS server and accesses the resources that way.  You
could either include their client JARs in your application or install
them into the Geronimo repository (e.g. using the Common Libs screen
in the console) and then add dependencies on those JARs to your
application's deployment plan.  Let me know if you want an example of

Another would be to do something like what the RAR on that Wiki page
does and try to hide the OpenJMS JNDI lookup in a J2EE Connector which
would let you map it into the java:comp/env/ space of your
application.  This seems like a lot of plumbing to me, but it would
avoid you needing to put specific JNDI lookup settings into your
application.  If you want to go this way, maybe you can get someone to
give you the code for the RAR on the Wiki and provide you with a real
license for it and so on and you can try to get it working under
Geronimo 1.1.

Another would be for us to start a conversation with the OpenJMS folks
about the prospects of putting together a real J2EE Connector for
OpenJMS that would allow better integration with any J2EE application

What do you think?


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