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From "Kanchana Welagedara" <>
Subject Re: Questions about Geronimo capabilities
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 07:19:34 GMT

On 8/25/06, Alex Aisinzon <> wrote:
> My company heavily uses Tomcat as a Servlet container for its
> applications.Tomcat has some shortcomings that Geronimo may address.
> I have tried to find answers to the following questions with no success.
> I resort to the mailing list to get some answers:
> *	Running several applications within Geronimo (with Tomcat): When
> we run several applications within Geronimo (with Tomcat as servlet
> engine), do all applications run in the same jvm or in separate ones.
Either way you can use geronimo. I
> am interested in the latter, as it provides a better separation between
> applications.
It's Based on your application.For the further details have a look.
> *	Deployment to a cluster: does Geronimo provide a capacity to
> automatically deploy (or redeploy) the same application to several nodes
> in a cluster.
Automatic deployment is available for Geronimo v1.0 which is called
hot deployment
For geronimo v1.1 the geronimo web console provides the options to
upload the module or you can use the command line using deploy.jar

java -jar deployer.jar <general_options> redeploy <module> <deployment_plan>

Hope this is useful


> Thanks in advance for providing some answers.
> Alex Aisinzon

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