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From "Lance Bader" <>
Subject Adding Tomcat Valves in config.xml
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 15:14:15 GMT
Is it true that there is no way to add Tomcat valves to the configuration
using the config.xml file?  I saw the example for adding virtual host
objects and I know you can add connectors (HTTP, HTTPS, and AJP) using a
similar technique.  It makes it hard for me to believe that there isn't a
similar trick for adding Tomcat valves.

Is it a problem with adding the valve to the existing chain?  I thought the
whole purpose of the gbean technology was to allow inversion of control and
reference injection.  Of course, I may not understand gbeans correctly.
I've certainly never implemented one.

Even if you can't add the valve to the existing global chain, you could
still add it using the Tomcat <valve-chain> tag in the <container-config>
element of the deployment plan.

Here is the scenario I want to address:  I am debugging a web application
and I suspect the client is mangling the HTTP request.  I want to
temporarily add the Request Dumper valve so I can see the raw HTTP request
in a log.  I would like to add the valve in config.xml and then add the
valve to the web application valve chain using the deployment plan.



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