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From "Desai, Brian" <>
Subject Deploying common libs from maven2 to Geronimo
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 12:40:14 GMT

My team is trying to get our hands around automating deployment of
common libraries from our build environment (maven 2.x) to a Geronimo
repository.  Being that the G build environment is now also maven 2.x,
I'm hoping to see how others are tackling this problem.
It seems that the G repository is almost identical to a maven repository
in structure and we were hoping for an easy way to bridge between the
two.  Our first idea was to copy the directory structure from
.m2/repository to <GHOME>/repository.  Geronimo, however, has issues
with the pom.xml files when resolving dependencies to the libraries at
runtime (it seems to confuse the pom for the library).  Certainly, we
could write a script to filter out all the pom.xml files, but we'd still
have the problem of filtering what does and does not get deployed to G.
Since the easiest thing to do would be to copy top-level folders in the
repository, we would probably be deploying way more libraries than

It seems reasonable to simply create one big maven project that has
dependencies on all the projects that we would want to deploy.  This
would take care of the "filtering" part of the problem.  If we could
then deploy this project and all of its dependencies to a G repo
(removing pom.xml, etc), that would solve the rest.  Perhaps a m2
geronimo plugin?

These were our ideas.  Does anyone know of a better way we could tackle
this problem? ... perhaps tools/tricks to help automate the deployment
from m2->G?

Thanks in advance for the help!

- Brian

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