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From "D. Strauss" <>
Subject Re: Absolute paths within includes
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2006 14:10:44 GMT
Hello, Bob

AFAIK the JSP include statement is used to refer to a file starting from
the actual JSP file location. So, let's assume you have a file index.jsp
which should include a file from a subdirectory, your idea is right:

<jsp:include page="dir/my.html"/>

(I tend to use JSPFs :P)

The problem is: you can only reference files from within your webapp
context. That's security related, I think. Imagine you're a web hoster
which hosts jsp files ;) the users would be able to include my
/etc/passwd file ;)))))

So, yes, the path is relative from/to the JSP file position.

Another idea: do you include your includes/header.html file within your
war file?

Best regards


Bob Dushok schrieb:
> I'm attempting to include content using the <jsp:include> tag.  I'm the
> following code within a JSP:
> <jsp:include page="/includes/header.html"/>
> When the page is loaded, the message "The requested resource
> (/staff/includes/header.html) is not available" appears.  I'm specifying
> an absolute path, but Geronimo appears to be treating it as a relative
> path (my app contains <context-root>/staff</context-root> in
> geronimo-web.xml).
> I tried something similar using JSTL:
> <%@taglib uri="" prefix="c"%>
> <c:import url="/includes/header.html" />
> Again, "The requested resource (/staff/includes/header.html) is not
> available" appears when the page is loaded.
> I've used similar code within Tomcat without any problems.  I'm new to
> Geronimo.  is there something I missed in the config?  Do I need to
> enable absolute path usage?
> Thanks,
> Bob

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