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From Philipp Noggler <>
Subject Re: openJMS integration
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 16:13:42 GMT
Aaron Mulder schrieb:
> On 8/4/06, Philipp Noggler <> wrote:
>> ok, thanks fpr this advice...there is a http connector from openJMS,
>> but i don't kwno if this will work! do you think this will work?
> OK, so I looked through their page, and I don't think they really
> offer what we want.  Their "connectors" are really just protocols that
> clients can use to access the server (not "J2EE Connectors").  In the
> "admin guide" they talk about configuring the server, whereas in the
> "user guide" they talk about configuring clients using those
> connectors.
> All their client examples use JNDI to look up the JMS resources.
> That's a little unfortunate in that I don't think we can do
> transaction integration with a general JMS resource we look up in
> JNDI.  I had hoped they'd offer a J2EE Connector like ActiveMQ does,
> but it doesn't look like it.
> So I guess there are several ways you could proceed.
> One would be to forget about mapping this into your application's
> java:comp/env/ JNDI space, and just have your application use the
> OpenJMS client code (from ther user guide) to do a JNDI lookup that
> hits the OpenJMS server and accesses the resources that way.  You
> could either include their client JARs in your application or install
> them into the Geronimo repository (e.g. using the Common Libs screen
> in the console) and then add dependencies on those JARs to your
> application's deployment plan.  Let me know if you want an example of
> that.
> Another would be to do something like what the RAR on that Wiki page
> does and try to hide the OpenJMS JNDI lookup in a J2EE Connector which
> would let you map it into the java:comp/env/ space of your
> application.  This seems like a lot of plumbing to me, but it would
> avoid you needing to put specific JNDI lookup settings into your
> application.  If you want to go this way, maybe you can get someone to
> give you the code for the RAR on the Wiki and provide you with a real
> license for it and so on and you can try to get it working under
> Geronimo 1.1.
> Another would be for us to start a conversation with the OpenJMS folks
> about the prospects of putting together a real J2EE Connector for
> OpenJMS that would allow better integration with any J2EE application
> server.
> What do you think?
> Thanks,
>     Aaron
first of all I'd like to thank you very very much for helping me that 
way! I really apreciate that!

Now, I don't know what I should do...maybe I just try getting the 
openJMS server running without any interaction to the geronimo...maybe 
it works, maybe not :) but i think for future projects it would be nice 
to have such a J2EE connector from openJMS! So maybe you can do 
something about the missing connector!? :)

again, thank you very much!

best regards, phil

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