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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re: Absolute paths within includes
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2006 15:36:22 GMT
Bob,  The way I read the JSP spec it looks like Geronimo is handling
the page attribute correctly.  It says that the path should be
interpreted in context of the web application.   Are you using the
version of Geronimo that embeds Tomcat or Jetty?  If the Tomcat
version then I would expect the results to be exactly the same to what
you see in standalone Tomcat since AFAIK Geronimo does not alter the
request before handing it off to Tomcat.

Best wishes,

On 8/27/06, Bob Dushok <> wrote:
> I'm attempting to include content using the <jsp:include> tag.  I'm
> the following code within a JSP:
> <jsp:include page="/includes/header.html"/>
> When the page is loaded, the message "The requested resource (/staff/
> includes/header.html) is not available" appears.  I'm specifying an
> absolute path, but Geronimo appears to be treating it as a relative
> path (my app contains <context-root>/staff</context-root> in geronimo-
> web.xml).
> I tried something similar using JSTL:
> <%@taglib uri="" prefix="c"%>
> <c:import url="/includes/header.html" />
> Again, "The requested resource (/staff/includes/header.html) is not
> available" appears when the page is loaded.
> I've used similar code within Tomcat without any problems.  I'm new
> to Geronimo.  is there something I missed in the config?  Do I need
> to enable absolute path usage?
> Thanks,
> Bob

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