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Hi David,

Thank you very much for your reply.  But still I have one more questions ask from all, since I want to put this stuff in to a Geronimo Documentation.

1. Is there any specific name to the Geronimo specific Transaction Manager implementation?

No, we do not have a name for this component.

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David Jencks wrote:

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Hi All,

I have been updating some documentation stuff for the Apache Geronimo version 1.1 from the last month. The given table gives some of the JDBC features for Geronimo version 1.0. Is this content is still valid for the Geronimo v1.1 too?

There are some errors, noted inline.  The support is the same for 1.0 and 1.1 with the exception of improved db2 support from tranql.  

JDBC accessGeronimo does not have any direct integration with JDBC but supports access through the generic J2CA framework. The TranQL project has J2CA adapters for various databases.
JCA implementationGeronimo supports the JCA 1.5 specification and is backward compatible to the JCA 1.0 specification.
Data sources supportedTranQL has generic wrappers for data source, ConnectionPoolDatasource, and XADataSource.
>> There is no generic XADataSource wrapper or ConnectionPoolDatasource wrapper.  However, extending an abstract wrapper for a specific database should take very little effort.
Data source failoverTranQL has specialized drivers for certain databases (including Apache Derby, Oracle and soon DB2) that provide a tighter integration with the advanced features of the driver.

>> DB2 support is now actually available, thanks Matt :-)
It is at this level that features such as load-balancing and failover would be provided. You can also use a C-JDBC wrapper for providing database clustering and failover.
XA supportSupports XA transactions, Local Transactions, and No transaction.
Connection Manager ConfigurabilityThe J2CA framework is interceptor based which allows different parts of the connection framework to be plugged in.
JTA implementationTransaction support is provided through JOTM and HOWL.
>> We don't use JOTM but rather our own transaction manager implementation.
Connection pooling and managementCustom Geronimo Code and TranQL used for connection pooling and management.
Legacy driver supportGeronimo provides this through the TranQL- connector JDBC to JCA wrapper in Geronimo. Supports JDBC 3.0 and 2.1.

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