I am trying to use Adobe Flex 2 with Geronimo and I have hit a stumbling block. I used Eclipse to create a project and imported in all of the Flex samples into it. I have almost everything working, except for the messaging component, which requires a transaction manager. My test has been the flex sample with the Taxi Cab dispatcher.
I succesfully got the messaging component working in a straight tomcat install following the instructions. This involves installing jotm as the transaction manager and then setting the transaction element in the tomcat context.xml file.
Using geronimo i have tried running the sample without any modifications. I also tried putting the jotm jars in my project and then trying to set the transaction element in a geronimo-tomcat.xml file. I used these two pages as a reference
and no luck so far. I am using geronimo 1.0 and plan on switching to 1.1 soon. I have not built a war file, instead i am working out of eclipse and launching the server from there.
Here are my questions.
1) Where is the right place in my project to set a Transaction element within a context? Is it the geronimo-tomcat.xml file in the WEB_INF folder? How can I tell if my application has picked up the libraries and context values other than checking to see if the application works?
2) Could i use the builtin geronimo transaction manager instead of jotm? I understand that there is one, but I don't know how to set the context's transaction element property so that the sample application recognizes it. Is the built in transaction manager conflicting with jotm?
As you might guess, i am a flash/flex developer new to j2ee and geronimo. If I can get this working completely i will be sure to promote how to use geronimo as a platform for flex development. thanks for any help you can provide.
Jonathan Marston
Marston Development Studio LLC