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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject TransactionCachingInterceptor is returning the same ManagedConnection despite different ConnectionRequestInfo
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 14:52:58 GMT

I have a problem with a JCA implementation of mine where I get the same
ManagedConnection despite different ConnectionRequestInfo. I debugged through
the geronimo-connector and geronimo-transaction code and I wonder if it is a
problem with the TransactionCachingInterceptor. In its JavaDoc I saw that it
does not take into account the what would be
absolutely ok for me, but I wonder if it neither takes ConnectionRequestInfo
into account.

In my use case the same javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory instance is asked
twice for a connection with two different ConnectionSpec. The symptom is simply
that the TransactionCachingInterceptor returns the ManagedConnectionInfo of
ManagedConnectionInfos.getShared() without any comparison of
ConnectionRequestInfo, so I get a wrong ManagedConnection and a wrong Connection
handle at the end.

The same use case without transaction works as the TransactionContext is found
and so no shared ManagedConnectionInfo can be returned.

Can anybody help me with this? Or is it too specific for this list and might
better be asked on dev list? Is it expected behaviour or just not implemented?
How can I fix it at least for me, e.g. by switching off

Thanks in advance,


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