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From "Patil, Sunil" <>
Subject Need help on classloading related problem(What is shared/lib in Apache Geronimo)
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 13:19:20 GMT


I am trying to install Pluto 1.1 portal server into Geronimo. Till now i
am able to get About and Admin portlets working. Both these portlets are
part of pluto.war. Now i am facing one classloader related problem when
i try to install HelloWorld Portlet in HelloWorld.war (Separate war).


Basic Problem -> I have A.war and B.war they depend on Class1 which is
part of 1.jar. What i want is A.war should create object of Class1 and
that object should be accessible to class in B.war so where should i put
1.jar and how should i configure both A.war and B.war so that they will
be able to look at this class.


Detailed Description ->

Thing is Pluto portlet has PortalDriverServlet which is controller
servlet and is shipped with Pluto.war. When it gets request for
HelloWorldportlet it wraps that request in object of which is in pluto-container-1.1.0-dev.jar and
sets is as request parameter and passes control to HelloWorldPortlet.
Now HelloWOrldPortlet uses class for handling request and this is again part of
pluto-container-1.1.0-dev.jar. When PlutoServlet tries to get object of from request it throws ClassCastException because
both of them have different class loader. 

Till now i tried to

1) Create pluto in repository folder containing
pluto-container-1.1.0-dev.jar  and add dependencies from both pluto.war
and HelloWorldPortlet.war on pluto repository. But in that case i get

2) I tried copying all jars in <Geronimo_Base>/lib and removed
dependencies but that does not work either

3) I tried copying all jars in <Geronimo_Base>/repository/geronimo/jars
and that does not work.


Can you please let me know what is equivalent of shared/lib in Geronimo.
Place where i could copy jars used by more than one application 


Thank You



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