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From "Dennis Cartier" <>
Subject Spring / Geronimo interaction
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 17:05:04 GMT
This question my ultimately be better asked in the Spring forums, but
I thought I would try here first.

I am in the process of moving 2 applications to Geronimo 1.1.

I have split the applications into a CAR module that holds the DAO and
object model classes along with the WAR file.

The problem I am seeing is that 1 of the applications extends Spring's
JdbcDaoSupport class and performs initialization by overriding the
initDao() method. Oddly the initDao() method never gets called when my
classes are separated into a CAR module but if I leave the DAO and
object model classes in the WAR along with all the dependencies, it
gets called fine.

Other properties of the classes are set OK, when operating as a CAR,
it is just the initDao() method that fails to be called. If I force a
call to initDao() from one of the setters of a property, than the
problem disappears, but this should not be required.

I have Spring 1.2.8 in the common-libs. Both the CAR module and WAR
file register a dependency on Spring. I do not have Spring in the
filtered classes for 1.1 as I was under the impression that it is no
longer required and it works fine when used a monolithic install with
everything (including Spring) packaged in the WAR file.

Has anyone ran into a similar problem?



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