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From "Dennis Cartier" <>
Subject Library Packaging for Geronimo 1.1
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 15:47:53 GMT
I would like to refactor some of my monolithic applications into
smaller chunks. With the new features in Geronimo 1.1, I am wondering
what deployment plan would be best suited for this?

For example to package my DAO classes into a jar that can be deployed
into Geronimo to be shared amongst multiple web applications. I looked
through the schemas and found that geronimo-module.xsd would be the
type most suited?

I am assuming that if I include a geronimo-module.xml file in the
JAR's META-INF directory that Geronimo will be able to use it during
deployment and I will be able to specify the dependencies for the
particular module in it. Is this even necessary (or desirable) if I
deploy the JAR file into Geronimo as a Common Lib?

I am also wondering where the plugins and CAR type fit into the scheme
of things as well.

If anyone could provide more info or point me to where this
information is online I would appreciate it. All the examples I found
seemed to be pretty thin on content or were still for  Geronimo 1.0.



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