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From "Nathan Mittler" <>
Subject classpath for MDBs
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 01:49:35 GMT
I'm fairly new to EJB and am trying understand the way classpaths work in
Geronimo with respect to MDBs.  I have a pretty simple app - just one MDB
that consumes from JMS and writes to the database.  It requires a few jars
(hibernate, spring, etc) and I bundle those dependencies along with the MDB
into an ear (using Maven) and then deploy the whole app to Geronimo 1.1.

However, when the MDB receives JMS messages from AMQ, it doesn't seem to be
able to find any of the other classes in the EAR.  I'm guessing this is due
to it being in the classloader of the AMQ connector, rather than the ear
upon invocation.  I was able to fix this by manually adding all of the
dependencies to Geronimo's repository and then listing those dependencies in
the openejb-jar.xml.  This seems to do the trick.

My questions are:
1) Is there a better way to deploy a module along with all its dependencies
to Geronimo - rather than wrapping them up in an ear?  A tool perhaps?
2) Is there a more appropriate (and simpler) solution to the classloader
"problem" with MDBs? ( ... assuming I have diagnosed the problem correctly)

Nathan Mittler

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