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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: TransactionCachingInterceptor is returning the same ManagedConnection despite different ConnectionRequestInfo
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 15:11:37 GMT
Are you using a partitioned pool for the connector, set to
partition-by-connectionrequestinfo?  I'm  not sure if the cache
overrides that or not, but I would hope not.  :)


On 7/18/06, Joerg Heinicke <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem with a JCA implementation of mine where I get the same
> ManagedConnection despite different ConnectionRequestInfo. I debugged through
> the geronimo-connector and geronimo-transaction code and I wonder if it is a
> problem with the TransactionCachingInterceptor. In its JavaDoc I saw that it
> does not take into account the what would be
> absolutely ok for me, but I wonder if it neither takes ConnectionRequestInfo
> into account.
> In my use case the same javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory instance is asked
> twice for a connection with two different ConnectionSpec. The symptom is simply
> that the TransactionCachingInterceptor returns the ManagedConnectionInfo of
> ManagedConnectionInfos.getShared() without any comparison of
> ConnectionRequestInfo, so I get a wrong ManagedConnection and a wrong Connection
> handle at the end.
> The same use case without transaction works as the TransactionContext is found
> and so no shared ManagedConnectionInfo can be returned.
> Can anybody help me with this? Or is it too specific for this list and might
> better be asked on dev list? Is it expected behaviour or just not implemented?
> How can I fix it at least for me, e.g. by switching off
> TransactionCachingInterceptor?
> Thanks in advance,
> Joerg

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