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From "Santosh Koti" <>
Subject RE: Geronimo clustering
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 10:34:06 GMT

Hi Krishna,

Well , can u do this way:

1) Stop both ur servers
2) Start server server1
3) Aftter server server1 is up, start ur server 2
4) in ur server2 startup console, u should something like

5)Chk ur app...?
6) Have u set jvmroute in config.xml of server2..?

PS: U shd not get smething like jvmRoute2 bind /whatever else...?!!

"Don't talk about yourself; it will be done when you leave. "

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From: Krishnakumar B []
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2006 3:55 PM
Subject: Geronimo clustering


I am trying out geronimo clustering example. I seem to have a problem
with Session Failover.

I am using Apache HTTP server 2.0.58 and mod_jk 1.2.15 and geronimo 1.1

I create two session variables in server 1 - server1-1 = 1 & server1-2 =
I stop server1. Only server1-2 = 2 replicated in server 2.
Now i add a new variable in server2 server2-1 = 1
Now i start server1
Now i stop server2
I should have server1-1=1, server1-2=2 and server2-1=1 in server1
Instead i have only server2-1=1 in server1

I am not sure if i am doing something wrong. I have set jvmRoute in
config.xml, given correct IP address in cluster application plan and

I get these messages in server2
15:38:37,452 WARN  [JvmRouteBinderValve] No engine jvmRoute attribute
15:30:57,791 INFO  [DeltaManager] Manager
[/servlets-examples-cluster]: skipping state transfer. No members
active in cluster group.
though both members of cluster are up and i am able to ping both
machines. there are in same subnet.

Thanks for any pointers...


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