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From "D. Strauss" <>
Subject Re: Entity bean can not remove itself
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 05:18:07 GMT
Hello, Markus

now I get it ^^ (at least I think so)

So, to summarize it: you work with a CMP bean that is used by various
other beans (JMS in particular). After all things have been done I want
to remove the bean?

Using ejbRemove() is OK but you may want to use the Collection version
of ejbRemove. I think (if I remember correctly) that ejbRemove() always
crashed the EJB container. So I used the collection method. It is a
little bit difficult but it worked.

Give it a try and tell us if it works.

Best regards


mahu2425 schrieb:
> Hello Dirk,
> in my scenario the entity bean stores some data from an ERP system. The data is required
for a number of steps (function calls, data for message driven beans, etc.).
> After all (concurrent) tasks have been completed, the entity bean is no longer required
and can remove itself.
> The scenario is a little bit compareable to the one in Sun's J2EE tutorial:
> So, what I need is just a ways to remove an entity bean. The special problem here is
that the entity bean needs to call it's own remove method.
> As I said in my first posting, I would prefer to call the remove() method from the entity
bean's remote interface instead of calling ejbRemove(), but calling remove() seems to crash
the server (the remove is done during a Timer callback). It seems that Geronimo is struggeling
between removing the bean and completing the timer transaction (in fact is trys to roll it
back). If you try to restart the server after the crash you'll always get an exception that
a GBean has been destroyed. I never managed to get the server back to work in this case (had
to start with a new installation).
> So, I think there should be a possibility that an entity bean can remove itself. It could
be discussed whether is should call remove() or ejbRemove(). Sun seems to prefer ejbRemove().
> Best regards,
> Markus
>>  Hello, Markus
>>  It's just a little bit difficult to understand why you (the user) should
>>  handle the instance of a bean :-/ That's the job of the EJB container
>>  (greetings to the OpenEJB people). Or can you post a scenario where you
>>  definitely need to remove an EJB? Share your idea :P
>>  AFAIK it's not your business to know too much of the EJB container and
>>  its EJB instances :P
>>  Best regards
>>  Dirk
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