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From "mika" <>
Subject Re: Deploying EAR which has been already deployed in JBoss 4.0.4
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 11:51:32 GMT
> Ok, can you put the openejb-jar.xml and the geronimo-web.xml
> into the EARs META-INF directory. You can also put both files
> into another dir (e.g. "deploy") an then referencing both with
> the alt-dd element.
> <module>
>    <ejb>ccserver.jar</ejb>
>    <alt-dd>deploy/openejb-jar.xml</alt-dd>
> </module>
> <module>
>    <web>csample.war</web>
>    <alt-dd>deploy/geronimo-web.xml</alt-dd>
> </module>
> Thanks,
> Mario


I did what you recommended. I've putted the geronimo-web.xml's for each WAR  and the openejb-jar.xml
of the JAR in the directory 'EAR/dds/' (dds for DeploymentDescriptorS ;-) ). But now I feel
like going in a circuit, because I already got the following stack trace some days ago.
(For each WAR I made an extra XML like 'geronimo-web-wsci.xml' which I wrote between the alt-dd-tag's
as alternative descriptors)

Using GERONIMO_BASE:   C:\ApplicationServers\geronimo-1.1
Using GERONIMO_HOME:   C:\ApplicationServers\geronimo-1.1
Using GERONIMO_TMPDIR: C:\ApplicationServers\geronimo-1.1\var\temp
Using JRE_HOME:        C:\Programme\Java\jre1.5.0_06
    Error: Unable to distribute transconnect.ear: Unable to initialize
    webapp GBean for tcserver.war

    	Qualifier patterns in the URLPatternSpec cannot match the first

WTH ??? Slowly I am thinking that Geronimo v1.1 is not made for deploying an self created
EAR which already has been deployed in JBoss...

What is the reason for the stack trace above and how could I supress it?

For comparing with your expectations... my modified geronimo-application.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



<!--    <openejb:emptyType/> -->

<!--    <web:context-root>/sample</web:context-root> -->

<!--    <web:context-root>/transconnect</web:context-root> -->

<!--    <web:context-root>/service</web:context-root> -->


Thanks a lot,


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