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From "Stefan Arentz" <>
Subject Re: Adding new deployable module types
Date Sat, 10 Jun 2006 21:18:03 GMT
On 6/10/06, Aaron Mulder <> wrote:
> The Wiki page I'm working on is at
> though it's
> going to be empty until I save.
> The example there is Quartz integration where you can deploy Quartz
> jobs as the new deployment unit (e.g. a JAR containing the classes
> with an XML plan that includes the schedule, etc.).
> I think we're definitely interested in improving our Spring
> integration.  Currently, it seems like it will be a little awkward to
> wrap every Spring bean in a GBean (because, if I remember right,
> Spring creates them all and then we'd have to try to find them, and it
> would get a little confusing as to who "owns" the
> configuration/injection settings and so on).  But one of the things
> we've talked about for 1.2 is to make Spring beans native citizens in
> Geronimo.

I'm not interested in wrapping every Spring bean in a GBean actually.
I would simply add a GBean for each spring context that is created,
nothing more.

I understand you can go pretty far with integrating the two, but I
would simply keep them seperate worlds. If I need to expose a Spring
bean through JMX then you can alwys simply use the Spring 2.0 JMX

> Can you clarify your last bit about "what I really like is to be able
> to deploy resources to automatically make database pools and JMS
> queues/topics."  I'm not sure if you're saying you *can* do that in
> Geronimo, or you *wish* you could.  If the latter, can you explain
> exactly what you'd like?

I'm not sure yet what Geronimo can do now, I'm still learning.

What I would like to do is deploy resources are part of an
application. Like adding a myapp-service.xml in a JBoss application to
define for example queues or connection pools.


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